Brecciated Archean Chert

from Western Australia

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"Rock of the Month # 89, posted November 2008" ---

Brecciated chert of the Windaning Formation, from the gold- mining district including Mount Magnet in the south and Lennonville in the north, in the Murchison province of the Archean Yilgarn craton of Western Australia. The site lies north of Warramboo Hill (Watkins and Hickman, 1990, p.179), near the Grand Gorge and other gold mines. A spectacular brecciated, banded chert, with tabular slabs of pinkish-grey chert in dense bluish-black matrix. The breccia shows only low-angle disruption of the original bedding of the rock: the brecciation may be tectonic in origin.

Sample 1278 collected on 13 September 1990.


Watkins,KP and Hickman,AH (compilers) (1990) Murchison granite-greenstone terrain. Excursion Guidebook (Ho,SE, Glover,JE, Myers,JS and Muhling,JR editors), Third International Archaean Symposium, Perth, 397pp., 145-201.

Graham Wilson, first posted 03 September 2008, extended 08 October 2008.

See also sample 1266, a jaspilitic banded iron formation of the Windaning Formation.

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