a lead-bismuth telluride from northeastern Ontario, Canada

rucklidgeite [143 kb]

A complex telluride assemblage abutting galena (dull grey, at the left). Two- thirds of the mass, which is slightly <0.5 mm in length, is composed of cream-coloured altaite, PbTe, a fairly common telluride. The "top" side of the altaite is mantled by minerals showing a pinkish wash in plane-polarized light. The half of this rim which extends from the contact of the coarse host galena past smaller blebs of galena and pale altaite is the rucklidgeite. The remaining half of the rim, plus a roughly triangular projection from the far end of the host altaite, is the (slightly darker) pinkish Ag-Bi telluride volynskite. The two rare tellurides look quite similar in air, and descriptions noting marked differences were probably made with an oil immersion objective. Magnification 160x, long-axis field of view 0.7 mm, in plane-polarized reflected light. Sample from the Ashley property, Bannockburn Twp., 20 km W.N.W. of Matachewan, Ontario, Canada. National Mineral Collection sample 64248: Ashley mine sample 1980 #10 of Harris et al. (1983), loaned by Richard Herd of the Geological Survey of Canada in 1998.

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Rucklidgeite was first described in Quebec and fully characterized in the former Soviet Union. It is a trigonal (rhombohedral) ore mineral, ideal formula (Bi,Pb)3Te4. Since the publication of the first description by John Rucklidge in 1969 it has been noted in some 24 widely-separated localities, deposits and mining camps in 13 countries on five continents, including five examples across Canada. It is usually found in lode gold deposits with other tellurides, but also occurs in skarns, as a rare component of volcanogenic massive sulphide deposits, and in sulphide-bearing zones in mafic layered intrusions. All available published papers on the mineral are listed in the bibliography. The specimen featured here is from the Ashley gold deposit in north-central Ontario (Canadian National Mineral Collection sample 64248).

Rucklidgeite is generally found in small grains with other ore minerals, a few microns to a few hundred microns in diameter. It is usually found with other tellurides, and the unfamiliarity of these minerals coupled with the fine grain size naturally limits its discoveries to detailed mineralogical studies with access to the electron microprobe.

The first mention of the then-unnamed mineral was John Rucklidge's 1969 paper on the Robb-Montbray occurrence. The first complete description, and the official name of the mineral, came with Zav'yalov and Begizov's 1977 account of samples from two deposits in Soviet Union.

The sample is the one figured by Harris et al. (1983), containing the largest rucklidgeite crystal found during an examination of quartz-vein samples collected on the Ashley property, two townships west of Matachewan in north-central Ontario. Gold in the area is found in small quartz and quartz-carbonate veins and stockworks in metavolcanics and granitic rocks. Pink granitic dykes and lamprophyric dykes occur in the vicinity of the Ashley mine.

Rucklidgeite occurrences --- by Region

Robb-Montbray --- Quebec, Canada
Ashley mine --- Ontario, Canada
Seagull complex --- Ontario, Canada
Flin Flon --- Manitoba, Canada
Abo property, Harrison Lake --- British Columbia, Canada
Florencia --- Cuba
Bisbee --- Arizona, U.S.A.

Yanahara mine --- Southwest Japan
Baoshan, Hunan --- China
Xiaoqinling, Henan --- China

Wombat Hole --- Victoria, Australia
Lunnon & Juan shoots, Kambalda --- Western Australia
Norseman --- Western Australia
Bellerophon-Nelson deposit --- Western Australia

Main Sulphide Zone, Great Dyke --- Zimbabwe

Mahd Adh Dhahab --- Saudi Arabia
Kochkar --- Russia (former U.S.S.R.)
Zod --- Armenia (former U.S.S.R.)
Korvilansuo --- Finland
Ilomantsi --- Finland
Dragset, South Trondelag --- Norway
Silesia --- Poland
Jilove ü Prahy --- Czech Republic
Salzburg area --- Austria

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