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Book & Journal Donation Project
News Update No.2.

The AGID CANADA Book and Journal Donation Project received a significant boost following its highly-visible poster presentation at the Prospectors and Developers Association annual meeting in Toronto in March, and the PDAC deserve thanks for affording us the chance to raise the project profile on the floor of the convention.

Donors new and old, including BHP-Billiton, have generously provided us with the means to expand our strategy of making shipments large and small, each one appropriate to the recipient's specific needs. We thank them for their confidence in helping to further the goals of AGID CANADA, and hope that they will be pleased with the project's progress in late 2002.

Activity at AGID CANADA's depot is currently concentrating on assembling the books and journals selected by responding institutions from AGID stocks, for shipment by parcel post, consignees or container, with one of the first shipments this year to Mongolia (see previous newsletter). Current efforts involve preparation of shipments to Eastern Europe (2), the South Pacific, the Caribbean and Africa (3).

Late summer saw a relative spate of publicity in industry publications (Anon, 2002a,b; Geller, 2002) which is much appreciated.


ANON (2002a) Donated Canadian textbooks form basis of new Mongolian university library. PDAC in Brief 30, 6, September.

ANON (2002b) PDAC helps send books to Mongolia. Northern Miner 88 no.29, 4, 09 September.

GELLER,B (2002) Attendance up, attitude upbeat at Prospectors and Developers meeting. Mining Engineering 54 no.8, 26-27, August.

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Copies of this particular text have been selected by
institutes in Africa, the Caribbean and the former U.S.S.R.

Release for 21 October 2002

Further financial and practical assistance is still required,
to enable us to ship key materials to recipients worldwide.

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