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News Update No.1.

AGID CANADA, a registered Canadian charity, is preparing major shipments of donated books and journals to Earth-sciences libraries worldwide in the second half of 2002. Occasional progress reports will be posted on these web pages.

The present report serves as an example of how the active cooperation of individuals and corporations, which is of the greatest value to our project, can serve to:

In June 2002 a 167-kg shipment was delivered to the Mongolian Technical University (MTU) in Ulaanbaatar, capital city of Mongolia. The material comprised extensive series of the journals Economic Geology and Geoscience Canada. The journals were sent from the warehouse space of AGID CANADA in Toronto to Westcoast Drilling Supplies Limited in Delta, British Columbia. With the help of Matt Norris, President of CanAsia Drilling Company, the books were then forwarded rapidly and safely to Ulaanbaatar.

Also in June, Dr. Gerald Harper of Gamah International Limited, based in Toronto, visited Mongolia and delivered to MTU a small selection of carefully chosen books. The photograph shows (left to right): Batmunkh Gandush, the instigator of the AGID CANADA deliveries to Mongolia, and founder of IECGM, the Information Exchange Centre for Geologists and Miners; Gerald Harper; Dr. D. Chuluun, Director of the MTU School of Geology; and Prof. J. Lhamsuren, Emeritus Director of the School.

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Photograph © Gerald Harper collection, 2002

Release for 01 July 2002
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