White-throated sparrow (Zonotrichia albicollis) - local seasonal appearance

Based on 25 observations in Seymour township, Northumberland county, southeast Ontario, June 1998- December 2020.

The white-throated sparrow is a distinctive little bird, when seen in plain view. It has a white throat and a yellow spot between eye and bill. Adults display striped heads in two forms: black- and- white and brown- and- tan. It is most often seen in October, in the fall migration. There are 5 sightings in winter and spring, 16 January-24 May, and 20 from 19 September to 27 October. Commonly an individual is seen, and rarely a flock.

The white-throated sparrow is widely distributed, breeding across Ontario with the notable exception of the far southwest of the province, where evidence of nesting is sparse between Lake Erie and southern Lake Huron (Cadman et al., 1987, pp.462-463). This pattern of distribution was affirmed by further data collection (Cadman et al., 2007, pp.566-567), with especial abundance noted in the boreal forest, 47-51 degrees north. The species is found across Canada from northeast British Columbia to Newfoundland. It does well in habitats such as clearings generated by forest fires and logging operations. Rarely it may be found outside this east-west summer range, as in one sighting in southern Baffin Island (West Foxe Islands) on 03 July 1955 (Godfrey, 1979, pp.398-399). The winter range extends from the southern Great Lakes through the U.S. to the Gulf of Mexico.

Nearer home, at Presqu'ile park, the white-throated sparrow is a common spring and fall migrant, a rare winter resident, and present in summer as a few breeding pairs (LaForest, 1993, pp.361-362). In the Kawarthas, to the north and west, the bird is an abundant summer resident in wet woodlands (Sadler, 1983, pp.151-152).

View the near-complete 23-year (1998-2020) monthly data summary (737-kb pdf file).


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Graham Wilson, posted 28-29 November 2020, up to date through 31 December 2020

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