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Eugen Stumpfl enjoying the mountain air in Montana, U.S.A., on a trip to the
Stillwater layered intrusion in the summer of 1985. Photo: GCW collection.

Graham C. Wilson
A partial bibliography of Eugen Stumpfl (1931-2004),
posted on 28 March 2005.


As the long-time editor of the journal Mineralogy and Petrology, it was fitting that a special issue was dedicated to Eugen Stumpfl in 2003 (vol. 38 number 3, April 2003). A brief biography serves as preface to the 10-article volume (Thalhammer, 2003). Eugen's career began in 1956 with acceptance of his PhD thesis from Heidelberg under the supervision of famed ore mineralogist Paul Ramdohr. He worked with Ramdohr for two years more, and then hung his hat in London, Toronto (where he was visiting professor at the University of Toronto, 1965-1966), Manchester and Hamburg. Highlights of his early career included investigations of hydrothermal influences on platinum deposits, and early applications of the electron microprobe to mineralogy. He then assumed the post of professor of mineralogy and petrology at Leoben, Austria (1975-1997). His work is summarized in more than 115 international publications, plus many unpublished reports, abstracts and book reviews (Thalhammer, 2003; see also Alapieti, 2008).

The mineral stumpflite, PtSb (Cabri, 2002, pp.103-104), is named in his honour, described from the Driekop mine in South Africa, from placer deposits in the Ural region of Russia, and from the Tulameen district of southern British Columbia, Canada. Later, the silver amalgam eugenite was also named for him. Eugen's early interest in platinum minerals was piqued by the unique platinum deposits of southern Africa. Eugen noted that Paul Ramdohr arranged for him to accompany the great petrographer on a tour of southern African ore deposits in 1957 (Stumpfl and Tischler, 1982). Some of his own early work on the Bushveld involved the mines of Driekop, Onverwacht and Mooihoek, which ceased operation in the early 1960s.

This web-based bibliography ( is provided as a research tool for anyone interested in learning more of Eugen and his research interests, which encompassed much more than the platinum group element (PGE) and mineral (PGM) themes for which he was best known professionally.

The bibliography is provided here in a citation-style format. It contains 61 items, presented in chronological order. As the above notes indicate, this selection is not the half of Eugen's publications. However, many of his best-known articles are here.


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Technical note: The citations are taken from the MINLIB database: search Code `Stumpfl,E' in field A covers main topic (authors, n=61).

References. 61 articles by Eugen Stumpfl and associates, 1958-2004:


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Graham Wilson, posted 28 March 2005, minor update 06 February 2013

See also a dedicated note on one of the unusual styles of
mineralization that attracted Eugen's curiosity,
"graphite from the Bushveld igneous complex".

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