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News Update No.6.

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The hectic pace of early 2004 has continued, and the AGID CANADA Book and Journal Donation Project has simultaneously made great progress, and reached an impasse.

PROGRESS can ultimately be measured in terms of books delivered safely, to institutions where they will be of long-term practical use. In physical terms, safe delivery has now been confirmed for some major 2004 shipments, including:

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The largest shipment in the Project's history, 16 pallets containing some 360 boxes (one-third of them are shown in the top photograph, prior to collection), has been moved to our shipping company's transit warehouse to await paper clearance for transport to several institutions in NIGERIA.

PROGRESS can also be measured, at this late stage in the Project's operations, by major reductions in the voluminous stock accumulated throughout the 1990s. Due to recent shipments, and the material in transit for Nigeria noted above, the total floor space occupied by the Project has been reduced from 2,800 to 800 square feet.

THE CURRENT CHALLENGE involves the shipment of a larger number of medium to small donations, ranging from 1 box to as many as 40 boxes per destination. Attention to these important requests has been delayed by a number of factors, the most important being the need to consolidate the remaining stock and transport it 500 metres to a new location, a commercial storage facility literally down the road from our long-term warehouse location, which changed hands early this year.

The larger remaining shipments are directed to Mongolia, Ethiopia, Argentina and Namibia. Small shipments are scheduled for other countries, including India, Pakistan, Nepal; Burma; Turkey; Eritrea, Zimbabwe, Zambia; Haiti, Colombia, Guyana and Suriname. If these objectives can be met, then the total of shipments sent in 2004, plus those assembled in 2004 for delivery in winter 2004-2005, will be well over 1,000 boxes in one year, a remarkable finale for our Project.

If all these shipments are to be made, while meeting the need to make modest rental payments on the new temporary premises each quarter, total additional funds on the order of CAN$15,000-20,000 will be required.

Thus, and hopefully for the last time, the AGID CANADA Project requires assistance, both as cash donations and as physical assistance with shipping / transport, to enable these last shipments to occur. All donations are income-tax deductible within Canada. For details, please contact Owen White, address below.

Prepared by Graham Wilson, memo released on 31 October 2004, updated 20 November 2004

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