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RWB Project Index, March 2020 Onwards

CONTENTS - R.W. Boyle's History of Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry

RWB Index - History of Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry

Heading Topics
N.B. Items may not be available here at this time - work in progress!
Slide Show Intro, covers Vol. 1 & half Vol. 2: 40 slides, v. 13 Sep 2020
Proposal Overview, samples: 2017/2020 (not listed but see...) Project overview in Explore newsletter
Volume 1 Chapters 1- 4: 2017 (2020 revision complete) - keyword summary here
Volume 2 Chapters 5- 8: 2018-2021 in prep. (re-editing) - keyword summary here
Volume 3 Chapters 9-14: Not yet - TBA - keyword summary here

Acknowledgements: The trilogy is yet to be published, but there will be numerous acknowledgements in due course (a few appear in the slide show). The research and editing for Volume 1 were conducted pro bono, but were rewarded, as of 2020, by two generous honoraria from private donors, and by commitments from the Canadian Geoscience Foundation and the Mineralogical Association of Canada.

Document initiated 18 March 2020, last revised 13/26 September 2020, 20,24 March 2021.

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