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Southern Ontario

The "Local Links" Selection of Turnstone

The Province of Ontario

The City and University of Toronto

Royal Ontario Museum

University of Toronto

University of Toronto Libraries

Mineralogy: Databases and Lists

Athena Mineralogy - Pierre Perroud

The MINDAT mineral and locality database

Webmineral Mineralogy Database

Micronex's MinIdent Database

Min.Soc.America Handbook of Mineralogy

Mineralogical Record

Roger's Minerals

Excalibur Mineral Corporation

Meteorites and Space Science

The Meteoritical Society & Meteoritical Bulletin

Canadian Space Agency - Space Science

MIAC, the Meteorites & Impacts Advisory Committee

Compact Catalogue of Canadian Meteorites (updated April 2012, pdf file)

Bibliography of Canadian Meteorites (updated June 2012, pdf file)

Materials Science, Archaeology, Metals & Slags

IsoTrace Laboratory, University of Toronto

Periodic Table: The Chemical Elements

NASS Glossary of Steel Terms - Ferrous Metallurgy

University of Waterloo Environmental Isotope Lab

Guelph Scanning Proton Microprobe

Middle Atlantic Archaeological Conference

Other Databases

Ovid [SilverPlatter] Information On Line

Community of Science, Inc.

Selected Web Search Engines



SCIRUS - for Scientific Information Only




Dogpile, the Friendly Multi-Engine Search Tool

Geosciences in Canada and Worldwide

Association of Applied [formerly, Exploration] Geochemists

Canadian Geomorphology Research Group

CSIRO, Australia

Geological Association of Canada

GSC - the Geological Survey of Canada

Institute on Lake Superior Geology

Mineralogical Association of Canada

Royal Canadian Geographical Society

Welcome to the USGS - The United States Geological Survey

Geological Time Scales

Geological Society of America, 1999

Berkeley's UCMP Web Time Machine


World Affairs and Environmental Issues

Atlantic Unbound | The Atlantic Monthly (Boston)

Harper's (New York)

The New Yorker

MotherJones (San Francisco)

New Internationalist Magazine (Oxford and Toronto)

The Walrus Magazine (Toronto)

Worldwatch Institute

BBC World Service

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (Long Live the CBC!)

Environmental News Network - Welcome to TVOntario

Select NGO - three in tens of thousands...

Médicins sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders

Inter Pares

Plenty Canada

The Minerals Industry

Association of Professional Geoscientists of Ontario

Canadian Council of Professional Geoscientists


The Northern Miner

Ontario Securities Commission

SEDAR - Canadian Corporate News and Reports

SEDI - Industry Disclosure by Insiders

Indian Subcontinent

Geological Survey of India

Geological Society of India

Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology

India Today Group - News from India

Latin America


Turnstone Miscellanea

Birds of Nova Scotia - Ruddy Turnstone

Bird Studies Canada Start Page

Phenology Project - UK

Timmy the Turnstone (R.O.M.)

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