Northern Cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis) - local seasonal appearance

Based on 44 observations in Seymour township, Northumberland county, southeast Ontario, 1999-2003.

The northern cardinal is possibly a year-round resident, although most sightings occur in a six-month period from late March to late September. Extreme dates are 21 January and 28 October, with just one sighting after 28 September. It is a year-round breeding resident at Presqu'ile provincial park, roughly 40 km to the south (LaForest, 1993, p.341). It is apparently a relatively recent inhabitant, having first been noted in Northumberland county in the late 1930s. It is an uncommon year-round resident in southern Peterborough county, to the northwest, and was first reported nesting there in 1951 (Sadler, 1983, p.144).

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Graham Wilson, posted 25 May 2004

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